Caravan & Motorhome Awnings

Caravan & Motorhome Awnings

Inflatable Awnings

Inflatable awnings are quickly becoming the go to awning of choice and it's not hard to see why. Lightweight, quick and easy to put up, be sat back enjoying your holiday in no time! Get strength, durability and high performance without the hassle and fuss of a traditional awning!


  • Air Tube Frame
  • Quick & Easy to Put up & Take Down
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Less Equipment Resting Against Caravan
  • No Poles to Lose, Forget or Get Damaged

Roll-Out Awnings

Get set up in minutes with a roll-out awning. Roll-out awnings simply unroll, and then with a little setting up you're done! Perfect for those glorious sunny days where you would rather be sipping a cold drink in a comfy chair than holding up poles and tunnelling under billows of fabric!


  • Quick & Easy to Put up & Take Down
  • Lightweight
  • Stable & Durable Constriction
  • (Normally) Fewer Poles Than Traditional Styles
  • Smaller Size When Packed (Typically)

From £239.00

Drive Away Awnings

Free standing, drive away awnings give great versatility, allowing motorhomes to be driven away while leaving the awning fully erect, waterproof and self contained. Reserve your pitch and keep larger items stored and safe while getting full use from your van during the day!


  • Available in a Range of Sizes & Styles
  • Offers Versatility & Convenience
  • Fully Free-Standing
  • Durable & Strong
  • Generally Fewer Fixings Needed on Van

From £179.95

Porch Awnings

Porch awnings partially cover the length of the caravan or motorhome and are available in a selection of styles and designs. They can provide additional storage space, or be used as an extra living area. Many come with zip away sides for shade and ventilation in warmer weather.


  • Normally not as Tricky to Measure up & Fit
  • Quicker to Assemble Than Full Awnings
  • Adds Additional Storage or Living Space
  • Strong, Durable Construction
  • Large Range of Sizes & Styles

From £149.99

Awning Extensions

Add flexibility to your existing awning with an awning extension or inner tent. Extensions increase the overall size of an awning, whether it's for storage or living, while inner tents can divide internal space adding privacy and additional protection. Get a new lease of life from your awning!


  • Cheaper Than a New Awning
  • Add More Space
  • Increase Usage & Versatility
  • Create Separate Spaces
  • Range of Styles Available

From £53.62

Awning & Caravan Accessories

Make the most out of your awning with our selection of awning accessories. Choose from storm poles, windlock clamps and more to get addition protection in heavy wind! Alternatively, view our selection of caravan cleaning and maintenance supplies and keep your whole set up protected all year round.

Range Includes:

  • Awning Re-Proofer
  • Awning Cleaners
  • Caravan Cleaners
  • Caravan Covers
  • Cleaning Accessories

From £5.99

Extra Space for Your Caravan or Motorhome

Add some additional space to your caravanning set up with a new awning from Capital Outdoors. Looking for some much needed living space for the whole family? No problem - take a look at our large awnings, porch extensions, inner tents and connector awnings, creating sheltered places to eat, relax and even sleep. Just needing some extra storage space for muddy boots or wet towels and cossies from the beach? Check out our selection of porch awnings and keep the caravan sand free once and for all.

At Capital Outdoors we understand one size doesn't fit all so we make sure we always have a great range of awnings for both caravans and motorhomes. And to make life that little bit easier we have a superb selection of easy-up alternatives to the traditional fight with fabric and pole, including roll-outs and the increasingly popular inflatable awnings. A must for any caravanning trip, no matter what the weather!

Awning Types

With such a huge selection of awnings, coming in all shapes, sizes and construction types it can be difficult to know what you need! Here are a few quick things to consider before choosing your new awning:

  • Vehicle Type: Awnings can be designed for either caravans or motorhomes. Before buying, check your vehicle is suitable for the awning you have your eye on, whether it's the right vehicle type, or that your van is designed to support the additional weight of an awning. A free standing or drive away awning may be a good choice if you are unsure of your vans suitability, but again always check before hand if you are unsure.

  • Awning Size: Typically, awnings come in a range of sizes including:
    • Full Length - Running the full length of your caravan. Check size before buying
    • Porch - Spanning some of the length of the caravan. Check windows; sometimes these may be obscured by awning side
    • Sun Canopy - Designed to provide shade for those lucky enough to be overly sunned
    • Extension - Extends the overall size of an awning, or adds rooms to larger awning
  • Awning Feature: Not all awnings are built the same. Construction may affect how easily and awning can be put up:
    • Inflatable Awnings - No poles, simply inflate the channels and viola: awning up! Simple!
    • Roll-Out Awnings - These are attached to the side of your vehicle and simply "roll out", allowing for easy up and easy down!
    • Pole Construction - Traditional pole design. Check the material the poles are made from - steel may be more durable but heavier; fibreglass and aluminium are light, but aluminium may not be very durable.
  • Other Considerations: It's worth considering the weather conditions of your destination, the activities you're planning and the number of people you are travelling with.
    • Warmer Destinations - A canopy awning or porch awning with zip away sides is ideal, providing shade and ventilating awning interior
    • Cooler Locations with Possible Rain - A larger awning may be a great choice for shelter, giving room for indoor activities. Windier conditions may require additional stabilisation
    • Activities - Planning trips to the beach, long walks or bike rides? A porch awning is the perfect place for storing wet or muddy items, keeping them safe and mess out of caravans
    • Travel with Families - Larger awnings are a great choice for families, giving extra living, sleeping and storage space with loads of room to play and entertain!
    • Trips for Couples - For couples a porch or easy up alternative may be a good option, giving extra space and needing fewer hands to help setting up!