Whether you're looking for a satellite to ensure a signal throughout the UK and Europe we have many satellites for you to choose from. This range includes all of our Easyfind, Pinpoint and Oyster satellites that also include top of the range TV’s and bundles.

The Easyfind range is modern and subtle in design, the manual system comes equipped with EasyFind technology which as the name suggests allows you to obtain perfect alignment of your antenna in seconds.

The Pinpoint range uses a single-button to search for the ASTRA satellites that provide all free to air UK TV and subscription SKY services via the ASTRA 2 satellite, along with the European services provided by ASTRA 1, including BBC World.

Travel the world without compromise with our Oyster range that provide TV and radio programmes throughout Europe, in North Africa and the Middle East. Tenaciously fighting for the best signal possible even in the poorest weather conditions, this oyster dishes keep performing far beyond the range of smaller options.

With great prices, offers and FREE delivery, compete your caravan or motorhome with a Capital Outdoors satellite and TV.

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