Pinpoint is designed to provide the UK’s most popular TV services as simply and as economically as possible. This fully automatic system has been built by Europe's leading satellite manufacturer, is robust and come with a 2 year warranty. As well as providing superb coverage, Pinpoint also come with FREE roof mounting and fitting - amazing for the price when you consider that other similar systems command a price tag of around £2000!

Pinpoint uses a single-button to search for the ASTRA satellites that provide all free to air UK TV and subscription SKY services via the ASTRA 2 satellite, along with the European services provided by ASTRA 1, including BBC World. Press the button once to turn on and begin searching, again to switch satellite between ASTRA 1 or 2 and hold it down to turn it back off and return the satellite to its ‘home’ position, folded down safely on the roof out of the way.

Choose from a stand-alone unit or one of our Pinpoint Bundles, providing you with a high quality, compatible Avtex TV with a selection of sizes to choose from, ensuring a no-hassle solution to your TV needs. If you need any help or advice when selecting the satellite that's right for you, simply call our specialist team on 0800 622 6222 today.

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