How To Update Your Snooper Sat Nav

How To Update Your Snooper Sat Nav

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How to: Update Snooper device software & Caravan Club Database - Including By The Book!
How to: Update Snooper sat nav mapping
How to: Update Snooper sat nav POIs (places of interest)
How to: Update Snooper AURA speed camera database

How To: Update Snooper Ventura Software

Updating your Snooper sat nav system software couldn't be easier, here's how to do it in a few quick steps!

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. This page will ask for the serial number of your Snooper sat nav, you can find this on the back of the unit below the barcode. Input your serial number and click 'Check'.

3. The website will then inform you whether you need to update your unit. If you do, you'll see the following:

4. Follow the instructions to find your software version, then use the drop down boxes to fill it in and click 'Check', you'll be presented with another screen.

5. Once again, instructions are provided. Download the file using the blue link text and run it once it has finished downloading to your computer. Your sat nav will of course need to be connect to your PC via the included USB cable for any updates to be installed.

6. You'll see a message like the one above. Click OK and a larger window will open as below:

Once the updater has confirmed that your unit is properly connected it will begin updating:

Do not disconnect your sat nav from the computer while the update is in progress. Once the update completes you'll get the following confirmation screen:

Congratulations, you've updated your Snooper Ventura software to the latest version!

How To: Update Snooper Ventura Maps

Note regarding free lifetime map updates

New Caravan Club Edition Ventura sat navs now come with free lifetime map updates, follow the instructions below as normal and you should be offered your update free of charge after inputting your serial number, software version and map version.

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. Scroll down to the Ventura section and select the option you want - the options available for purchasing map updates are £84.99 for a single update for extended Western and Eastern European mapping, or £139.99 for lifetime updates.

3. Clicking either of these links will take you to a page containing more information about the available options, with a button for each. Select the relevant option by clicking the button for it. There is also a link available at the bottom of the page containing full terms and conditions.

4. Next you'll see a list of instructions with some boxes at the bottom requesting information - using the instructions provided fill these fields out.

5. You will be informed whether a map update is available for your unit, and if so, further instructions will be provided for purchase and installation on the website.

How To: Update Snooper Ventura POIs

1.Go to in your web browser.

2. Half-way down the page you will see a link stating "Download User POI updater software". If you do not already have the User POI updater software installed, then click this link and download the file to your computer.

3.Open the zip file you have downloaded. Inside you will see two files, one is the POI installer and the other is a Word document.

4. Run the POI Updater exe file, it will extract and depending on your version of windows, prompt you for confirmation that you wish to install it. Install the program.

5. Once the installation completes you will have a POI Updater icon on your desktop. Double-click the icon to load the POI updater.

6. A window will appear with the Snooper logo in the top left, and will ask you to connect your unit. Using the USB cable provided, connect your sat nav to your computer and turn it on. Once the unit is connected and switched on the sat nav screen will show a 'USB' icon, and the POI updater software will display your serial number, in addition to the POI download boxes activating.

The box on the left side are POIs that are available, filtered by the country and POI type that are set just above it. To find new POIs select the country and POI type you wish to add and the left box will update with relevant information.

The box on the right side shows the POIs that are already installed to your Snooper sat nav.

Between the boxes are four buttons, two the point rightwards, and two that point leftwards. (>, >>, <, << )

[ > ]
Will add a single POI set from the left side to the unit on the right side (You must first select which POI you wish to move from left to right).
[ >> ]
Will add all POI sets currently viewable on the left side to the unit on the right side.
[ < ]
Will remove a single POI set from the unit box on the right(You must first select which POI you wish to move from left to right).
[ << ]
Will remove all POI sets from the unit box on the right

Please Note No changes made here are final until you click the Download button in the bottom right. A maximum of 20 POI sets can be stored on the device at one time, so in order to add new sets, you will have to swap them for some that you don't need that are already on the unit.

How to: Update Snooper AURA Speed Camera Database

AURA is Snooper's speed camera database, it requires a paid subscription fee and is entirely optional - you can use the unit without any other restrictions without subscribing to AURA. Please note that your Ventura sat nav already has the My-Speed feature that can warn you of speed limits specific to vehicle type, which comes complete with road speed limit information for just about the entire of Europe.

My-Speed is completely free and is legal everywhere, as it provides information about speed limits and not camera locations. If you still wish to subscribe to the AURA speed camera database, also note that it is possible to deactivate speed camera alerts while in a country where the information is not permitted (such as France), and reactivate them again once elsewhere, all via the menus in your unit.

You will need to have registered & subscribed to the AURA speed camera database to use this guide, if you haven't already done this and wish to subscribe to the AURA speed camera database then click here, select your unit and follow the instructions on the page.

1. Put in the CD-ROM you received with your Snooper Ventura sat nav. It should automatically bring up a menu with the sat nav surrounded by flags.

2. Select the Union Jack, then click next.

3. Click VENTURA

4. Click 'Next' to continue. (If you have not subscribed to the AURA database and wish to, click the link above, beneath the title for this section)

5. Click Install to install the AURA camera updater software. The software will now install, once it's complete there will be a new icon on your desktop called 'Ventura Updater'.

6. Run the Ventura Updater application and follow the instructions it provides to update speed camera data on your Snooper Ventura!