Avtex TV - Buying Guide

Avtex TV - Buying Guide

This Avtex TV Buying Guide gives you everything you need to know about the latest Avtex TVs, ideal for taking with you on your caravan and motorhome adventures.

Why Avtex TVs?

After years of retailing various brands of 12v TV's, we now choose to only stock one – Avtex have been specialising in TVs for caravan and motorhomes for over 25 years and are the only company in the UK that design from scratch and distribute televisions designed specifically for this market.

Many other companies have approached us with similar claims, stating that the 12v TVs they sell have been designed specifically for caravan and motor home use, however in most cases we found these were domestic televisions in disguise, adapted to function on 12v with a cigar lighter lead. These sets often lack a 12v DC on/off isolating switch, meaning that when connected to your leisure battery they can only be switched to standby rather than entirely turned off, and are therefore constantly consuming power and draining the battery even when not being watched. Designed for caravans and motorhomes – surely not?

Here are just some of the reasons why we are proud to be Avtex stockists.

Avtex Quality

Unrivalled build quality

Taking a television away in a caravan, motorhome or other vehicle subjects it to constant movement, vibration and changes in temperature and humidity, which can lead to damage in poor quality units. You can be sure that your Avtex 12 volt TV can withstand this and will keep performing for years to come.

Highest quality LED backlit screens

All Avtex sets feature an A+ graded LCD screen, the highest grade attainable, and guarantee that you will have no dead or bright pixels, meaning crystal clear, picture perfect viewing, every time. The quality of the LCD screen also provides a vastly superior viewing angle compared with cheaper, inferior products that use low grade screens. Compare up/down viewing angles as well as left/right. High quality TV screens also help to eliminate the ghosted, dark and negative images that are found on lower quality 12v televisions.

Avtex Functionality

AQT One Button Tuning

As you move from location to location, or country to country, you will need to re-tune your television to receive the local digital TV signal, a normally tiresome exercise. Avtex televisions feature AQT, a revolutionary one button tuning system that tunes, stores and orders all available television and radio stations at the touch of a button.

Latest Digital Tuner Technology

Every Avtex TV features a DVB-T2 tuner, a must for any future-proof TV today as they are required for the reception of HD channels. Additionally, the older DVB-T is now being switched off in many countries, and it seems only a matter of time until the same happens in the UK, making DVB-T2 a necessity.

Multi-standard tuners

All Avtex TVs feature multi-standard tuners, which mean that they work in Europe (including France) and will for years to come.

TV recording

All Avtex TVs can now record live TV, either instantly or on a timer, so with the addition of an external storage device (not included) such as a USB stick or USB hard drive you’ll never miss your favourite shows again. Additionally, Avtex PRO models feature multi-tuners, allowing you to watch one channel while recording another.

Built-in satellite decoder

All Avtex DRS models have satellite decoders built in, meaning the Avtex L168DRS, Avtex L188DRS, Avtex L218DRS and Avtex L248DRS can all be connected directly to a satellite dish to pick up free-to-air satellite television without the addition of a set top box.

Peace of Mind

Internal 12v circuit board

Many companies advertise TVs as suitable for use on 12v. Most of these sets are designed to operate via the mains transformer supplied with them which provides a constant stable 12v output. They are not designed to operate on a 12v battery which discharges when used. This causes fluctuations in current which will damage the set and may even cause a fire. To overcome this some companies recommend DC to DC stabilisers to be used when connecting to a 12v battery, however these are inefficient, costly and unsightly. Unlike most other products, Avtex televisions are designed to work from a discharging battery and have the required circuitry to operate correctly in this environment.

After sales service

Avtex are renowned for their high level of after sales service. Qualified, fully trained technical staff based in their state of the art R&D/servicing facilities are available within business hours to assist you with any queries you may have. The comprehensive warranty supplied with any Avtex product means that in the unlikely event of a problem, the issue will be resolved quickly at no cost to you.

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