Children’s Bikes - Help Choosing The Right Size

What child doesn’t love cycling. I remember as a child, learning to ride a bike and the absolute thrill of the experience. That feeling of true freedom, cycling as fast as you could and the sheer pleasure it brought.

When I was a child there was no better feeling than getting on my bike with my friends and going on a bike ride. The sense of independence it gave us when we were outdoors, in our own little worlds enjoying an ‘adventure’.

As I’ve got older I’ve come to the reasoning that cycling is without a doubt the best form of activity for any child, not only is it fun but it can keep them entertained for hours on end. In a day an age when children are spending more and more time sat indoors playing computer games or glued to social media cycling needs to be encouraged.

Now, it can be a tricky, and sometimes overwhelming choosing the correct size bike for your child and it’s a decision that you want to get right. 

We've put the following guide together to help make these choices a little easier.

Choosing The Correct Frame Size

Age 2+ Years

Confidence and enthusiasm are key when learning to ride a bike and from the age of 2+ years your child should be ready to try a 12” bike with stabilisers. These frames are the ideal size and come in a range of styles and designs that will keep your child motivated throughout their learning and development.

4-5 Years                             

Once your child is around 4-5 years they’ll be developed enough to ride a larger 14” bicycle. Now, if your child is lacking the confidence to cycle on 2 wheels that is not an issue. The majority of 14” kid’s bikes come with removable stabilisers. These are ideal for adapting the bike are your child’s confidence grows. Equally, the same can be said for the larger 16” children’s bikes which are also often fitted with removable stabilisers. 

6-10 Years

Now once your child reaches this age, more than likely they’ll be using 18” or 20” wheels. From this point the choices of bikes available vary depending on your child’s need. If they are looking for something to suite any occasion like road cycling or off-road terrain, then a mountain bike is ideal. However, if your child is a little more adventurous and they are looking to perfect their Tailwhip or 360 then you’ll be looking for a BMX.

Junior Bikes

When your child reaches the stage where they need 24” wheels their bike specifications become a little more advanced. Features found on adult bikes such as front and rear gears and full suspension come into play, which makes choosing the correct bike even more important.

The next stage on from this is the 26” wheel size this is where sizing can change for your child’s next bike. Once you’re at this point sizing for your child’s bike is often measured in height.

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Other Things To Consider When Buying A Bike

  1. Children’s bikes should be sturdy and well made. Your child’s bike is almost guaranteed to be thrown around and involved in some scrapes and crashes.
  1. Avoid bikes with gears until your child is at least using a 20” wheel. Gears can not only be confusing to young riders, but they also add unnecessary weight, making the cycle difficult to manoeuvre. 
  1. Fully enclosed chainguards are a must. Not only do they stop grease and grime getting onto your child’s clothes, but more importantly they prevent injuries to legs and curious little fingers.
  1. Stabilisers are often standard on bikes up to 16”. Even if you buy a bike that doesn’t come with stabilisers, there are many universal training wheels that can be purchased afterwards. 
  1. Bumps and scrapes are almost certain to happen and making sure your child is wearing a helmet that confirms to BSEN1078 safety standards will provide that additional piece of mind.

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