Duke of Edinburgh Essential Kit List

The only list you need when it comes to sending your kids off into the hills to explore their newly discovered survival skills, here are all the Duke of Edinburgh Necessities!

Duke of Edinburgh Essentials

So, it’s that time of year again. The kids are off on their own to test out their newly discovered survival skills, and its only right that you’re a little stressed in case they haven’t packed everything they could possible need – but don't worry we’re here to help! We’ve constructed a list of all the necessities and our recommendations, so they’re prepared when it comes to hitting the hills.


 You need  Got it
 1 x Walking boots
 2 x Walking socks
 3 x T-shirts
 1 x Thermal t-shirt
 2 x Fleece pullover
 2 x Walking trousers (not jeans)
 1 x Nightwear
 1 x Alternative shoes
 1 x Hat/cap (weather dependant)
 1 x Gloves (weather dependant)
 1 x Shorts (weather dependant)
 1 x Waterproof over-trousers
 1 x Jacket/coat

Personal Kit

 You need  Got it
 1 x Rucksack
 1 x Rucksack liner
 1 x Sleeping bag
 1 x Sleeping mat
 1 x Waterproof bag
 1 x Sleeping bag liner (optional)
 1 x Whistle
 1 x Expedition food
 1 x Water bottle
 1 x Cutlery set
 1 x Pocket knife/tool
 1 x Plate/bowl
 1 x Mug
 1 x Box of matches
 1 x Personal hygiene items
 1 x Sun cream (weather dependent)
 1 x Towel
 1 x Watch
 1 x Notebook & pen

Group Kit

 You Need  Got It
 Camping stove
 Camping stove fuel
 Cooking pans
 Tea towel
 Plastic bags
 Toilet paper
 Map case
 Camera (optional)

Optional Kit

 You Need  Got It
 Hydration pack
 Storm shelter
 Insect repellent
 Spare boot laces
 Ball, playing cards etc.
 Mosquito net
 Emergency lightsticks
 Water purifying tablets
 Security pouch
 Solar shower


Simply print this list before they go and tick it off once its packed, giving you peace of mind and them everything they need! Tag us in your Duke of Edinburgh pictures on Twitter and Instagram, we can't wait to see what they have got up to!