How To: Save On Site WiFi Services

We live in an age of instant access – information, communication, maps and of course funny pictures of cats – all readily available in the palm of your hand… for a fee. Whether it’s via WiFi enabled internet connections at home or data allowance on a mobile phone we pay for the privilege of internet access, no more so than on our travels. While many city centre locations now offer free services, pay-walled WiFi services can still be found on trains, in many hotels and most pertinently on many caravan and camp sites.

Caravan Site WiFi Charges

These pay-wall charges may not seem obstructive if you just need to pop on the internet once during your trip to pick up an important email, but if you have multiple users or devices these costs can stack up incredibly quickly.

If you’re staying on-site for a week, for example, this can cost upwards of £15 for a single device – so if you’ve connected via your laptop so you can upload your latest beauty-spot photos then you can forget about downloading that new book to your e-reader, unless you’re willing to pay further fees.

For two people with just a single device each – a smartphone for example – you could be looking at a £30 charge. If you have children with you, you may want access for a tablet for them for in the evenings – you can see where this is going.

Service Quality

The quality of service available on sites can vary significantly depending on the connection that’s provided by the site owner, the number of users and your distance from the WiFi mast – this can lead to a weaker signal that may be frustrating to use, particularly if you’re paying a premium to access it.

Making the Most of WiFi Services

To make the most of WiFi access on your travels you may want to consider investing in a WiFi aid such as the Kuma WiFi Booster Hotspot Kit – these kits are designed to improve your signal using an antenna and allow you to create your very own WiFi hotspot.

What does this mean? Instead of connecting each of your devices to the site WiFi signal individually, you connect your hotspot kit to the site WiFi signal and connect your other devices to the hotspot kit. This means you’re only paying for one device to access the site WiFi despite having access to the internet on multiple, and you’re also receiving a better quality of signal.