Satellites for Motorhomes and Caravans - Buying Guide

Our range of satellite systems offers a great choice, but it can be difficult to know which system is right for you. Here is a satellite guide with a few things to consider before you find your perfect satellite! We have come up with a few simple questions to help you find the ideal satellite system!

What Type of Vehicle Will It Be Used With?

The first thing to consider is the type of vehicle you will be using the system with. If you have a motorhome you will need to check how much room you have on the roof. If space is tight you are probably best opting for a portable system, but if you have space to spare you may prefer a fitted system. For caravans, you may be limited to smaller, lighter dish sizes as a heavier dish may cause the caravan roof to dent or flex.

Where Are You Going, And What Do You Want To Watch?

For those traveling across the UK and northern France a 65cm dish or equivalent will provide you with standard UK TV, broadcast on the UK Spot Beam. If you are planning on travelling further but still want to receive these channels you will need a larger dish, as shown in the table below.

For Standard UK Channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 Etc.)

UK Northern France: 65cm Dish

Southern France: 80-85cm Dish

Southern Spain: 2.4-3m Dish

If you wish to receive Sky, Freesat or free to air channels use the Pan European Beam. This will receive a signal across most of Europe - as far down as southern Spain, receiving only channels broadcast on the Pan European Beam. To receive Sky (if you have a subscription) you will need to take your Sky Box with you, giving you all the Sky channels you are subscribed to.

To receive Freesat you will need to get a Sky Box and a Viewing Card (available for approx. £25).

All our systems here at Capital Outdoors receive both the UK Spot Beam and Pan European beam, with some systems being capable of receiving more still (including non-UK channels).

Sky? Sky Plus/Recording?

For recording TV while watching another channel you could either opt for a twin LNB, or use a splitter to split the signal.

Automatic or Manual?

Automatic systems are more accurate and easier to find signal with, but are generally heavier than manual systems. Manual systems may be a bit trickier to use but do tend to be cheaper. However, if you use the Easyfind Traveller in conjunction with an Avtex TV from the DRS range it will help you to find the signal.

Fitted or Portable System?

Fitted satellite systems have the advantage of being secure, fitted directly to the vehicle. This in turn means the dish will take up no extra space when not in use or during transit. Portable satellite systems can be moved from different vans, and repositioned for optimum viewing if signal is obscured (by trees or buildings, for example), but will need to be housed in your caravan or motorhome while traveling. A portable system is advised if you are considering changing your van or have more than one.



All satellite systems are covered by a comprehensive warranty with coverage between 1-3 years (depending on product). For further warranty information please contact our customer services team.

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