Avtex Tourer Two Sat Nav - What's New?

 Avtex Tourer Two Caravan and Motorhome Sat Nav

So, Avtex have just released their new Caravan and Motorhome Club Edition satellite navigation system, the Avtex Tourer Two, after several years with the (very successful) Avtex Tourer One!

The first questions that come to mind for us at Capital Outdoors are inevitably going to be what’s new? What’s improved? As a sequel to the Tourer One is the Avtex Tourer Two more closely comparable to a worthy film successor such as ‘Aliens’ or to the woeful movie follow-up ‘Speed 2’?

OK I’ll concede not many of you were likely to ask that last one, but rest assured that the Avtex Tourer Two is definitely a better sat nav than ‘Speed 2’ was a movie, as it comes with all of the functionality we’re familiar with from the original along with some additional content, improved hardware and improved routing (which might have been helpful on the bus in the original ‘Speed’).

So – getting to the point... what are the improvements?

Avtex Tourer Two Caravan and Motorhome Club Edition Sat Nav - Junction Preview

Avtex Tourer Two has improved performance

Avtex Tourer caravan and motorhome sat nav systems are packed with a tremendous number of features that all work in unison and the sat nav must be equipped with the necessary hardware to facilitate them all. If you’re planning your next big trip and decide to give Geneva a go, but want to pop-by Poznan and then make your way to Metz, you’re asking your sat nav to do a lot of work once it’s factored in the length, height, width and weight of your vehicle or towing set up – so Avtex Tourer Two is equipped with an improved Dual-Core processor that speeds up those long route calculations and keeps the system and its touchscreen snappy and responsive.

In additional to hardware performance, there are continual improvements being made to routing algorithms to ensure you're getting the best route technology can offer for your vehicle.

Avtex Tourer Two has additional content

Content is the key factor that separates Caravan and Motorhome Club Edition sat nav systems from similar models, with the Avtex Tourer Two boasting more pre-loaded caravan sites, motorhome stopovers, stellplatz and aires than you can shake a stick at. Added since the Tourer One is the Trailer’s Park database, consisting of 8,500 free motorhome parking places across Western Europe. Trailer’s Park joins The Caravan and Motorhome Club, ACSI and NKC to complete an unrivalled stable of site apps.

These motorhome and caravan site apps can all be searched simultaneously or individually to help you find the right site for you – the search functionality supports searching by name, by distance and allows you to filter sites by amenities such as WiFi. Many (most) of the sites included also include a photo of the site to help you make a final decision, and once you have, you can route directly there from the app.

Avtex Tourer Two Caravan and Motorhome Club Edition Sat Nav

Search for sites on the map with Avtex Tourer 2

Searching by filters in app databases not your thing? New to Tourer Two is the facility to search for sites via simply panning the map – giving you a more intuitive perspective of where nearby sites are in relation to both your current location and any nearby towns, roads or attractions.

Avtex Tourer Two also includes Free Speed Camera data updates

With Avtex Tourer One you got free map, software and traffic updates – with Avtex Tourer Two you also get safety (speed) camera updates included free of charge, adding extra value to the purchase if this is important to you.

Pair Tourer Two with the New Garmin BC40 Wireless Reversing Camera

Finally, Tourer Two is compatible with the new Garmin BC40 reversing camera – unlike previous models BC40 is completely wireless as it’s battery powered, meaning no hardwiring the camera. The camera can be simply and easily mounted to a number plate, and a ‘camper mount’ is available separately if you’d like it mounted elsewhere.

So that just about wraps it up - Avtex Tourer Two has improved over Avtex Tourer One in a number of key areas, adding additional content, hardware performance, improvements to routing, more free updates and an improved, more accessible reversing camera.

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