Withings Go Fitness Tracker – Hands-On Test

When you think of fitness trackers, Withings Go might not be the first name that pops into your head. Understandable, given the number of brands throwing their hats into the ring in a bid to produce the best fitness tracker in the last few years. The result is that you’re faced with sifting through excessive lists of features from one product to the next trying to figure out where you’ll find the best value activity tracker for the money.

The refreshing thing about the Withings Go is that it’s simple. Where another activity tracker may have 5 or more different displays to page through to find the information you want, this one has two – progress towards your current step target and the time. Further details are available via the free Health Mate app, but the device itself is delightfully uncomplicated.

A glare-proof E Ink display – like the ones found on many popular E-Readers allows this nifty step tracker to run for up to 8 months on a single, replaceable battery – meaning you never need to charge it. This is perhaps the biggest advantage the Go has over a conventional fitness watch, as a weekly recharge process is certainly not convenient and feels out of sorts for a device designed to replace a traditional watch, which whether wound or battery-powered rarely requires much attention to keep ticking.

Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Withings Go is water-resistant to 50m and as you might expect from a waterproof fitness tracker, tracks swimming. Additionally, it works as a sleep tracker to provide a breakdown of deep sleep, light sleep and awake periods via the health mate app.

I was fortunate enough to get hold of a Withings Go, so I’ve spent the last few days eagerly checking my steps, calories burned and sleep results to better understand my current routine, with a view to using the information to make improvements.

Setup was simple, I installed the Health Mate app and followed the instructions on-screen. The image here shows the fitness tracker display while setting up.

You don't actually have to wear the Withings Go as a watch. The activity tracker also includes a clip, and can just be carried in a pocket if preferred; I opted to stick with the wrist strap.

Health Mate App

Withings Go Step Tracker Fitness tracker watch Sleep Tracker


I set myself a 15,000 step target for testing, which as it turned out was a little ambitious even with a fairly robust commute. As you can see from the images, the fitness tracker also counts calories burned and breaks down your activity into individual events.

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