Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna
Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna
Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna
Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna
Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna

Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna

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Product Description

Avtex STH3000 Boosted Directional TV Antenna


The Avtex STH3000 caravan TV aerial was designed with simplicity in mind. There is no need for a lengthy set up process, intricate wiring system or cumbersome pole mounting – the compact Avtex STH3000 simply uses its suction mount (the same as that found on most sat navs) to attach to a nearby internal or external window or other flat surface. Its small size and easy fitting make it child’s play to set up.


Avtex STH3000 provides a level of performance far beyond its pricetag. As the next iteration in the Avtex STH antenna line, a series of antennas that has become synonymous with surprisingly powerful reception, it adds LTE (4g) filtering to an already comprehensive 12V/24V antenna. Using STH series antennas we've had crystal clear reception inside the National Exhibition Centre, and even had customers tell us that the signal they receive on their STH antenna in the UK is so reliable that they no longer need their satellite kit.


The Avtex STH3000 does also come with a range of mounting options supplied as standard, in case the suction mount is not suitable. There is a fixed wall mount and also pole clamps, should your only option for mounting be on a pole. In our experience, however, these antennas are so powerful that none of this is necessary. We recommend that you use the suction mount, and simply fix the aerial on an internal window, or, if you prefer, an external window, as the STH3000 is weatherproof. In most cases, this will give great reception, with no drilling, no poles, no fuss!

Use with an Avtex TV for complete integration

To receive a good digital signal on any caravan aerial you will need to feed it power. This normally means extra wires, more connections to your leisure battery, and more battery draw. Not so, however, when you use the Avtex STH3000 in conjunction with an Avtex TV. All Avtex TVs have a feature called Antenna Power Out. When enabled, this innovative feature sends a voltage through the aerial socket on the TV and into the aerial, thereby boosting the STH3000 aerial through the coaxial lead, without the need for extra wires! This means that an Avtex TV and aerial package both run off one single DC or mains connection, and battery drain is minimised. Please note if using the STH3000 aerial with another brand of TV, a 12V or 24V connection will be required (leads supplied). Likewise, you cannot use an Avtex TV to power any other brand or type of aerial directly from its aerial socket.

Antenna Power Compatibility

All recent Avtex televisions have the 'antenna power' feature, including (but not limited to):

  • Avtex L199DRS PRO
  • Avtex L219DRS PRO
  • Avtex L249DRS PRO
  • Avtex L168DR
  • Avtex L168DRS
  • Avtex L188DR
  • Avtex L188DRS
  • Avtex L218DRS
  • Avtex L248DRS
  • Avtex L187DR
  • Avtex L187DRS
  • Avtex L217DRS
  • Avtex L247DRS


  • High gain 20dB TV aerial
  • Extremely powerful reception capability
  • LTE (4g) integrated filtering
  • Directional
  • Built-in low noise amplifier
  • 2 way power source (TV antenna out or 12V/24V)
  • Flexible suction mount (similar to GPS windscreen mount) - no need to drill holes
  • Pole or wall mounting bracket also supplied
  • In or outdoors - mount on windscreen, window, cab roof- almost any flat surface
  • UV resistant housing
  • Water resistant

For simplicity and performance at an affordable price, try the Avtex STH3000.

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