Caravan TV - Buying Guide

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Caravan TV - Buying Guide

While your primary motivation for touring might not be spending time in the caravan watching TV, there’s bound to be down-time when you’ll feel the benefit of having a caravan TV available – whether it’s for some late evening viewing before bed, or to pass some time during a stormy day away.

A caravan or motorhome TV should be:


Weight must be considered with almost any caravan related purchase, and this is no different with a television. Our range of 12v TVs weigh between 1.6kg and 4.5kg depending on the size of the set.


You may plan to move your mobile TV between areas in your ‘van or also use it in the house as an extra set while not touring. Our 12v televisions all come with a removable base, so they can be used free-standing anywhere you want and are compatible with VESA TV wall brackets, so you can use the same TV on multiple brackets if required.


Any TV for caravans, motorhomes and campervans should be safe to use on DC power. You may not always have access to a mains hook-up, so a 12V TV will allow you to watch your favourite shows using your leisure battery for power.

Energy Efficient

You’ll want to be careful with power use on your leisure battery, so you don’t leave yourself short – if you’re shopping for caravan televisions then you might want to check on the power usage. Many of the 12-volt TVs on the market are not as efficient as you’d think.


A moving vehicle generates a lot of vibration – this can cause damage to a low-quality mobile TV, so it’s worth doing a little research and getting some feedback via reviews before making a purchase. DC power also fluctuates as your battery level changes, which again can cause problems in a cheap caravan TV. For all the above we recommend investing in an Avtex TV, as they’re built from the ground up specifically for use in a mobile environment and come with a 3-year warranty.

Viewable from wide angles

Caravans and motorhomes aren’t always blessed with a tremendous amount of space, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be sitting straight on with your television screen, particularly if you’re with the family and there are a few people viewing at once. Cheaper TFT screens will look awful from any angle other than head-on, so make sure you check the wider viewing angles when shopping for a 12V TV.

Convenient to re-tune

Any 12V TV for caravans and motorhomes should be easy to re-tune – a mobile TV is going to need tuning every time you move site, so auto-tuning functionality such as the Avtex AQT button will save you a huge amount of time and effort in the long run. These functions will tune, order and number your channels for you in just a couple of minutes, giving you time to make a brew before settling down in-front of the telly!


One of the most important things to consider with a caravan television is longevity – in cases where the television isn’t in use between touring you may only be using it for a few weeks a year, so the last thing you need is to discover that new technology has made your set obsolete. This is a more pressing issue if you plan to travel Europe, as your TV will need to meet standards for any country you enter, and you’re less likely to be aware of changes in broadcasting technology. Again, for this reason we recommend Avtex TVs, as their built-in chipsets are as far ahead of changes due in Europe as is reasonably possible, which coupled with a 3-year warranty ensures they’ll still be in active use for years to come.

Have built-in tuners & players

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a nest of tangled cables, whether at home or in a caravan or motorhome. Eliminate unnecessary set-top boxes that use up plug sockets and waste energy by choosing a caravan TV with this technology built-in. You’ll find models with a digital terrestrial tuner, satellite decoder, DVD/CD player and live recording functionality built-in amongst our Avtex TV range.

What you need to get started

Assuming you’re starting from scratch, there’s a couple of accessories you’re likely to need to get going with your caravan or motorhome TV setup.

Caravan TV Aerials

Caravan television antennas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it can be confusing figuring out what you need. Ultimately with a caravan TV aerial it comes down to personal preference - you need to decide whether you want a permanently mounted omni-directional aerial, or a portable antenna you can move and adjust for the best reception available in your location.

Caravan TV Bracket

Wall mounting isn’t for everyone, or every caravan, but if it’s something you’re considering you’ll want to consider your options. A caravan TV bracket should be VESA standard to ensure compatibility and have quick-release functionality to allow the TV to be stowed - or at least have a locking pin to stop any bracket arms moving while in transit.

Whether you’re looking for a caravan TV wall bracket that sits flush to the wall, tilts or has a single, dual or even triple arm, will be decided by your mounting and viewing positions.

Caravan TV Carry Cases

Not necessary for all users, but if you plan on stowing your caravan TV while out of use, it’ll pay to have a suitable storage case. TV carry cases offer a hard-shell outer, internal padding, straps to secure the TV and compartments for keeping essentials such as the remote control and power cables together with the set.

Caravan TV Recording Storage

If your caravan television has built-in functionality for recording live shows, you’ll need to add-on a device to store the recordings. In most cases a memory stick or two will suffice, though the size of stick you need will depend on the quality of footage you’re recording. HD footage will use more space than standard definition footage will – with HD recordings you can be looking at up to 3gb per hour.

Caravan Satellite TV Antennas

If you’re travelling to remote areas or into Europe, you might be interested in a satellite TV antenna. Some areas just don’t receive a terrestrial signal no matter how good your antenna is, and satellite can provide access to a lot of channels you wouldn’t normally receive. Satellite TV systems range from the fiddly manual options between £100-£200, to fully automatic roof-mounted behemoths at upwards of £2,500. We offer automatic satellite seeking systems that can be found in our satellite category.

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