Get yourself connected whenever and wherever you need internet access with our caravan WiFi booster kits and mobile 4G router kits.

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Kuma WiFi Hotspot Booster Kit

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Whether you're looking up local maps, adding snaps of today's hike to social media, searching for somewhere good to eat, or even streaming your favourite programmes on a rainy day, reliable internet access is a valuable asset.

This WiFi booster kit boosts your reception of existing WiFi signals up to 1.5km away & acts as a hotspot, sharing the signal for your other devices.

Free Next Working Day Delivery For Orders Before 11:30am

Kuma 4G Mobile Pocket WiFi Kit

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While it's often the objective to make an escape from the day to day and the technology that comes with it, it's not always practical to cut off access to the world's most powerful tool: the internet.

This pocket-sized 4G & 3G mobile router comes with a booster antenna to strengthen your signal, just add the SIM card of your choice and you'll greatly improve your mobile internet access for up to 5 devices.


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