Combine traditional full awning style and luxury with a modern tried & tested air awning system. 

Quest Pluto Performance Full Air Awning - Small

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Quest Pluto Performance Full Air Awning - Medium

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Quest Pluto Performance Full Air Awning - Large

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HydroTech Fabric

The HydroTech 300D high-performance fabric used for the Pluto full awning offers a combination of luxury and performance. Highly durable and waterproof to 10,000mm, Westfield Pluto's HydroTech fabric looks and feels just as excellent as it performs. 

Advanced Air System (AAS)

A high specification air-tube system created to provide the benefits of both single and multi-inflation point systems. A single inflation point means pumping the awning up is hassle-free, while in the event of a failure you can detach any individual tube without deflating the whole awning. 

Anti-Weather System (AWS)

A host of updates and improvements to provide better all-round weather protection, including additional weather panels sewn into key areas, additional guttering on external windows with zips, and all sewn-in tie-backs and pockets made from 100% waterproof PVC to prevent water soaking through.


Westfield Pluto is a traditionally styled full air awning. This is a true top of the range, luxury air awning with performance, style, classic looks and durability built in. It features the simply amazing Hydrotech fabric which gives unrivaled performance, amazing looks, great feeling to touch, and the very best protection against the elements.

You get the brilliant Advanced Air System which gives you single inflation from the start, ease of use and reliability. You also get the new Super-tubes which are larger, stronger and more rigid than its rivals. This allows the awning to have less beams making the inside far more roomy and more aesthetically pleasing. The high specification bravo pump also makes it easier to inflate.

There are no hidden extras here, you even get a veranda pole giving you more options. It can also be extended with 1 or 2 annexes allowing you to increase the living or storage space if required. The removable front and side panels make this easier to pick up and slide though your awning channel, helping to make this awning easier to erect.

This awning has more panoramic views than all of its rivals. It features maximum sized windows to give you the very best views. They go lower to the floor letting more light in adding that extra feeling of space and light all the time. The awning also features unique side doors which inludes an additional window panel, giving even more views and light in from the side.


This awning features the Westfield Outdoors Super-Tubes. These are oversized tubes which give you greater rigidity, greater strength, less movement in the wind and all over more protection from the elements and weather. The use of the Super-Tubes also means that you need fewer internal beams, which allows greater use of the space inside, gives you a better less cluttered feeling inside the awning and simply looks so much nicer. It also means you have fewer tubes to manage, which makes the awning easier to live with.


This awning is annex ready, which means it can gave at least one annex fitted to give you extra space for storage, or combined with the annex inner tent (sold separately) gives you extra living and sleeping space. The annex is simplicity itself. To fit the annex you simply pitch your awning as normal then just zip the annex onto the side, pump it up and peg.


  • Available in three sizes and featuring the luxury, any season, Hydrotech fabric
  • Advanced Air System and Super-Tubes with single inflation
  • Anti-weather system for added protection
  • Full ventilation front and side panels, plus permanent, built in ventilation to minimize condensation
  • Veranda pole and emergency support air beam system included
  • Interchangeable side panels gives door layout flexibility
  • Four doors (2 front, 2 side) to give maximum options
  • Double mud wall gives protection inside and out
  • Reflective storm straps with strap tidy pockets
  • Full front canopy to keep the rain off
  • Perfect views with large super-clear windows with zipped blinds
  • Annex ready - can be extended with one or two annexes
  • Pockets and Velcro tabs for optional curtains (purchased separately)
  • Unique window-doors gives you added views and light



  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Fabric: Hydrotech
  • Windows: Super-clear foil
  • HH: 10,000mm
  • Awning rail height: 235 - 250cm
  • Depth: 250cm
  • A measurement: 946 - 980cm
  • Pack size : 118 x 45 x 45cm
  • Awning weight (without panels) : 21kg
  • Awning weight (with panels) : 31kg
  • Total weight : 38kg


  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Fabric: Hydrotech
  • Windows: Super-clear foil
  • HH: 10,000mm
  • Awning rail height: 235 - 250cm
  • Depth: 250cm
  • A measurement: 891 - 1015cm
  • Pack size : 118 x 48 x 45cm
  • Awning weight (without panels) : 23kg
  • Awning weight (with panels) : 33kg
  • Total weight : 40kg


  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Fabric: Hydrotech
  • Windows: Super-clear foil
  • HH: 10,000mm
  • Awning rail height: 235 - 250cm
  • Depth: 250cm
  • A measurement: 1016 - 1050cm
  • Pack size : 119 x 49 x 45cm
  • Awning weight (without panels) : 25kg
  • Awning weight (with panels) : 35kg
  • Total weight : 42kg