OLPRO Bottom and Top Plus Caravan Toilet Cleaner (1L)

OLPRO Bottom and Top Plus Caravan Toilet Cleaner (1L)


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Product Description

Bottom & Top PLUS is a double concentrate product and comes in a handy measuring container. Based on our award winning Bottom & Top - Bottom & Top works in both the top and the bottom tank of all cassette and portable toilets. It's Formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly so can be used on all Caravan & Camping & Caravan club sites and even on inland water ways. It's high strength kills all bacteria in both the top and bottom tank and breaks down waste quickly. It also protects the moving parts within the toilet and ensures the bowl remains clear and free from bacteria.

Despite it's effectiveness though you need to use only 25ml for every 10 litres.


  • Toilet Chemical & Rinse in One
  • Super Double Concentrated Concentrated (40 Shots)
  • Can also be used in Grey Water Tank
  • Measuring container