Avtex 8GB TV Recording USB Memory Stick

Avtex 8GB TV Recording USB Memory Stick

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Product Description

Avtex 8GB TV Recording USB Memory Stick

This Avtex high-speed USB 2.0 memory stick (AVRD8G) is recommended by Avtex for use as a storage device for the recording facility within your Avtex TV.

PLEASE NOTE: For this USB stick to be used the Avtex TV in question must have the facility to record TV. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Avtex L199DRS PRO
  • Avtex L219DRS PRO
  • Avtex L249DRS PRO
  • Avtex L168DR
  • Avtex L168DRS
  • Avtex L188DR
  • Avtex L188DRS
  • Avtex L218DRS
  • Avtex L248DRS
  • Avtex L187DR
  • Avtex L187DRS
  • Avtex L217DRS
  • Avtex L247DRS


  • Recommended By Avtex For Storing Live TV
  • High Speed USB Stick


  • Supports Full HD

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