Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)
Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)

Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)

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✔ 480HDE Fabric ⓘ

480HDE Fabric
This fabric has been woven using the latest techniques in order to provide the longevity and performance of much heavier, denier fabrics, without their impracticality and weight constraints. The double rip-stop element, interwoven in the fabric, ensures the optimum strength to weight ratio, which not only provides a very tactile texture, but also provides the key to the incredible strength and durability of this fabric.

✔ Dura-Tech Oxygen Airframe (DSV-IF)

✔ Includes FREE Double-Action Manual Pump

✔ Lifetime Air Tube Guarantee

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Product Description

Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 XL Caravan Awning (2019)

After a very successful season in 2018, Outdoor Revolution have returned this year with the widely praised double rip stop E-Sport Air 325 caravan air awning. This lightweight single point inflation weekender awning remains a firm favourite amongst touring enthusiasts, consequential to the three ergonomic height options available, to cater for either a caravan or motorhome, providing both a generous and flexible living ‘conservatory’ space, best suited to smaller families, for kicking back and relaxing after a tough day on the road. The ‘L’ & ‘XL’ motorhome fixing variations are designed with a double pitched roof, giving plenty of top clearance between the side door and the awning roof on high side door models. An optional ambidextrous two berth sleeping annexe is also available to purchase with this model.

The lightweight 480HDE double rip stop fabric weave provides the optimum strength to weight ratio of any awning material, providing the longevity and performance of much heavier, denier fabrics, without the impracticalities and constraints of their weight. This material incorporates a 6,000mm² hydrostatic head, meaning the fabric is exceptionally waterproof and rain will simply bead onto the surface, before rolling off. A lighter coloured roof material reflects heat to retain a comfortable temperature inside the awning, whilst the engineered double rip stop weave provides a contemporary look and feel, whilst preventing accidental damage from worsening. The workmanship and canvas possesses a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing faults.

The Oxygen Air-Frame is the quickest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes/taps spoiling the immaculate lines of our stunning designs. The air frame comprises a Dura-Tech welded single inflation point oxygen airframe tube, the famed Dynamic Speed Valve and the patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. Inflation is speedy using the Dual-Action Pump provided, whist deflation is just the push of a button; our exclusive pressure relief valve prevents damage to the tube by expelling any excess air, typically caused by overinflation or sudden changes in the ambient temperature. All valves are discretely concealed by a velcro cover.

The oxygen air frame is the quickest, most reilable inflation system on the market

Panoramic tinted anti-glare window panels offer an exceptional vista of the surrounding environment and help protect against harmful UV rays, on top of increasing privacy and creating a more relaxing morning atmosphere. These are complemented by zip in blackout blinds, which can be zipped fully in or completely out for maximum privacy at night. The addition of twin piping (6mm x 4mm) enables compatibility with both caravans and motorhomes within the corresponding height range. Each side door features a breathable mesh panels to optimise air circulation within the awning, whilst keeping insects at bay in summer months; these can be zipped completely out, allowing the fitting of our optional coordinating ambidextrous two person sleeping annexe.

This model utilises a polyester draught skirt and mud wall to trap heat inside the awning, an adjustable front leg height, as well as two 6.75m adjustable tensioning straps for maximum stability in poorer weather conditions. The E-Sport Air 325 comes complete with a dual action hand pump, steel ground pegs, reflective guylines, a convenient repair kit, our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee* against any manufacturing issues on our air frame bladders and Velcro attachment points for our ‘Lumi-Link’ awning lighting system.

There are three cowl height options available for this model, which are identical in specification besides their size:

  • E-Sport Air 325 – Fits Vehicles Between 235cm-250cm Tall
  • E-Sport Air 325 L – Fits Vehicles Between 250cm-265cm Tall
  • E-Sport Air 325 XL – Fits Vehicles Between 265cm-280cm Tall


  • 480HDE Fabric - The Optimum Strength to Weight Ratio of any Awning Material
  • Dura-Tech Welded Single Inflation Point Air Frame - Enabling an Effortless & Rapid Pitching Proccess
  • Lifetime Guarantee On the Oxygen Air-Frame Tube Bladders Against Any Manufacturing Faults
  • Dynamic Speed Valve - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve - A Patented Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Overinflation, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 6PSI
  • 6,000mm² Hydrostatic Head - Exceptionally Waterproof; Water Will Simply Bead Onto the Surface and Roll Off
  • Internal Roof Tube Kit - Additional air pole(s) For Additional Rigidity & Stability in Poorer Weather Conditions
  • Tinted Windows - Expansive Windows Offering a Panoramic Vista of Any Surroundings, Whilst Reducing Glare & Increasing Privacy
  • Embossed Zip-In Curtains - Patterned Zip In Blackout Blinds/Curtains for Maximum Privacy at Night
  • Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) - Permitting Both Caravan/Motorhome Compatibility
  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Assisted Healing 'Smart' Mesh Panels that Self-Repair 'Snag' Damage Over Time, Optimise Airflow & Keep Insects Out
  • Polyester Draught Exclusion - Aiding In Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning
  • Polyester Draught Skirt - Aiding in Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning
  • Endurance Storm Straps - Tensioning Straps for Additional Stability & Rigidity During Harsher Weather Conditions
  • 3 Height Options - To Comfortably Fit 99% of Caravans/Motorhomes on the Market!
  • Lumi-Link & Up/Downlighter Compatible
  • Includes Pegs, Dual Action Hand Pump, Guylines & Repair Kit


  • WIDTH: 325cm
  • DEPTH: 250cm
  • HEIGHT RANGE: 235-250cm
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 16.1kg
  • PACK SIZE: 80cm x 45cm x 31cm
  • This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes