Outdoor Revolution Movelite & Crossover Awning Canopy

Outdoor Revolution Movelite & Crossover Awning Canopy

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Product Description

Outdoor Revolution Movelite & Crossover Awning Canopy

The Movelite/Crossover Canopy is a fantastic optional extra available for the Oxygen Movelite 2 & 3, Movelite T2, T3, T4 & T5 and the Crossover. It allows for extension of the living area through an additional large, functional shelter with added protection against the elements in order to create an area where the customer can relax or cook; no matter what the weather! There is even an optional 'Movelite Canopy Retro Connector' add on for attachment of the canopy directly to your caravan or motorhome (see optional extras).

The fade-resistant, lightweight 250 High-Density fabric ensures the optimum strength-to-weight ratio of any fabric. It provides the longevity and performance of much heavier, denier fabrics; without the impracticalities and constraints of their weight. The engineered Double-Rip Stop weave provides a contemporary look and feel, whilst also preventing accidental damage from worsening.

The product is pitched using a single Fibreglass Pole in order to make assembly a speedy process.

The canopy comes complete with two reflective endurance Storm Straps to provide extra stability during poorer weather conditions, and a large, robust Tooth-Comb Zip to provide a higher longevity.


  • 250HD Double-Rip Stop Endurance Fabric - The Ultimate Strength to Weight Ratio of Any Material
  • Single Fibreglass Pole - Assembled Using a Single Sturdy Fibreglass Pole
  • Robust Tooth-Comb Zip - A Larger, More Durable Zip
  • Includes Endurance Storm Straps - For Unequalled Stability
  • Fits Oxygen Movelite 2, 3, Movelite T2, T3, T4, T5 and Crossover
  • Includes Pegs & Instructions
  • Optional 'Retro Connector' Available to Attach Directly to Your Caravan/Motorhome!


  • WIDTH - 310CM
  • DEPTH - 180CM
  • PACK SIZE - 76*27*25CM
  • WEIGHT - 4.9KG
  • STORM STRAPS - Included