Westfield Outdoors Performance Range Aeronaught Relaxer In Blue

Westfield Outdoors Performance Range Aeronaught Relaxer In Blue

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Product Description

Westfield Outdoors Performance Range Aeronaught Relaxer In Blue

The Performance range is the built for strength and longevity range of the Westfield Outdoors furniture collection. The range focuses on strength, performance and longevity in all its products. It includes the very best materials, features, technology and manufacturing processes to deliver the best performance possible. The Aeronaught relaxer features a mix of world exclusive technology, fabrics and top quality, premium materials. the fabric is a world exclusive DuraDore 3D mesh, the frame is made from premium quality, reinforced Aluminium. This relaxer is made to last, it is weatherproof, durable, lightweight, extremely strong and will outlast all its rivals. It is also backed by the best warranty available.

Duradore 3D mesh is a fully padded fabric that is completely weather proof. Unlike all other padded furniture it does not use foam style pads. It is made up of a fibreglass weave that gives you a pourus pad. This allows this padded fabric to be left out in the rain and it does not soak the water up. Firstly, most of the water runs though the chair, then the fabric itself is water repellent so water does not collect on the fabric, but beads and runs off. This allows the fabric to dry exceptionally quickly, usually within 5 minutes or less. Another advantage of the DuraDore 3D mesh fabric is that it is fully breathable. This means that it keeps you cooler when its hot, especially when using the chair for extended periods, unlike traditional materials which make you sweat when its hot, this material allows your body to breath helping stop the sweat. The fabric is also more durable and stronger than other materials. This means that it will take longer to stretch than other materials. Other materials will stretch over time and your chair will sag and loose comfort, whilst this chair will stay taught for longer, increasing comfort and allowing longer use of the chair. The material is also UV stable, and treated against rotting and fading meaning it will not only last longer, but look great for longer as well. The material is also lighter than its rivals. DuraDore 3D mesh is far lighter than its padded rivals which helps keep the weight down.

The premium Aluminium frame is made from the very best Aluminium available and reinforced were required to give it extra strength. It is an extremely lightweight frame that boasts a high maximum load and is fully weather proof.

The comfort is increased more by the unique and patented fabric system. This system is a new and updated relaxer system which gives you the comfort of the older elastic style relaxers but gives more strength and durability. The system also allows you to remove the fabric easily if required. The system also allows the fabric to cover the entire chair. On the elastic rivals the fabric stops short of the frame, which shortens the seat width and exposes the frame. This system completely covers the frame giving you a wider seat which additional comfort. The arm rests are ergonomic so give added comfort. The chair can be locked in any position from flat to vertical giving you the perfect position every time. This really is an extremely comfortable relaxer.

To finish the product it is covered by the very best warranty available. You get a 5 year warranty which gives you great piece of mind. Not only is this the longest warranty available, it is also one of the best. This furniture is sold all over Europe and this gives you complete cover even when you are away from home. All you do is get in touch with the retailer you purchased it from and they will get in touch with the Westfield support network, whom will then find the support partner in the country you are in at the time, and will attempt to resolve your issue straight away rather than waiting to get home first.


  • 5 Year warranty
  • Fully reclining back that locks in any position
  • Ergonomic back rest
  • Ergonomic arm rests
  • Unique full width seat
  • Extra wide seat
  • Fabric can be removed if required
  • More comfortable than traditional relaxers
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Extremely durable
  • Fully padded
  • Weatherproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Solid metal joints
  • Breathable and quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • Packs away for storage
  • Fully sewn seams
  • Double stitched
  • High maximum load


  • Frame: Premium Aluminium
  • Fabric: DuraGore 3D Mesh (padded)
  • Size: 75 x 85 x 122cm
  • Seat Height: 50cm
  • Seat Width: 57cm
  • Folded: 102 x 75 x 15cm
  • Weight: 8.6kg
  • Max Load: 140kg